Irina Rasko - the creator Poland Travel Guide PolandGoTravel is a travel guide to exploring the magnificent Poland.

PolandGoTravel website is created to assist you in planning a memorable trip to Poland.

Welcome to the PolandGoTravel website!

I'm Irina, the creator of this travel guide to Poland. With over 12 years of travelling experience wordwide, I have been captivated by Poland's mouthwatering cuisine, fascinating history, warm hospitality, and endless travel possibilities. That's why I decided to create the PolandGoTravel website.

All articles are the result of my experience and research. All photos were taken by me and I write articles based on my trips around Poland. The guide is still young, it is only a couple of months old, and it will  be filled with articles step by step.

I hope that my articles will help you find your favorite places to relax and travel in Poland.

P.S.: I'm not a native English speaker, so I hope the usefulness of the information makes up for my mistakes. )))